Sunday, August 1, 2010

GBGC Top 40 Countdown: T-27, Casey Jones

Thanks to the Internet making every piece of information available to us, I caught wind of the fact that today, August 1st, would have been Jerry Garcia's birthday. You know, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. That's about the extent of my knowledge of the Grateful Dead. I can name exactly one band member, and exactly one song besides this one ("Truckin'"). Oh, and I've been to a Grateful Dead concert. A classmate of mine from NAU head an extra ticket, so I headed off with two of his friends in a red mustang convertible, heading north from Flagstaff to Las Vegas the night before the concert. I'll spare you the horrific details of the trip, as it were, and won't elaborate on the effects of mind-altering drugs (read about it in my memoirs), but I will say that it was a shame they wore off before the concert began the next day. The bright lights and loud carpets of Las Vegas casinos are way too much to handle with drugs, but a Grateful Dead concert is unbearably boring without them, so make sure you bring enough for the whole trip. You see, it's valuable pieces of advice like this that should make you want to follow my blog, and not some washed up hippy band.


  1. I never knew that was a Dead'd probably also remember 'Touch of Gray'