Saturday, November 23, 2013

Linger on ... a GBGC Tribute to Lou Reed

A friend invited me to partake in a Lou Reed Memorial Party the other night. I quickly set up my iPhone camera to record my humble offering, but I managed to cut off my head and focus on my less flattering features. So, I decided to recreate the moment and preserve it in the annals of Grahamophone’s Bad Guitar Channel. It’s been over two years since I’ve done a cover version, and this is as good occasion as any to try it again.

This is the second GBGC song using an actual ukulele -- and you might notice that I use the same key and accompanying motive as I did in the first one ("Desdemona"). But, as in every other cover version on the GBGC, I only steal from the best!

I cannot honestly say that Lou Reed and his Velvet Underground had much of an impact on my life, but it was an honor to play for those who couldn’t have imagined surviving their youth without him. Thanks, Dr. Sweet, Jane and friends!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Don't Lose This Connection! (GBGC got a new toy)

We've come a long way, baby.
Yes, I'm talking to you baby bad guitar. The poor little thing isn't even in this video much less the song! Time goes on, we get bigger and better toys and forget about the little one we love so much. Well, I haven't forgotten. I never forget.
But, boy, am I having fun with my new MIDI-to-USB cable that enables me to hook up my digital piano directly to my computer! That means I can play to my heart's desire (which is exactly what happened in this song and it turned out perfect -- well, ALMOST perfect). I did correct a sour note here and there, and I've still got a lot to learn about the whole get up because, despite click-track, I sped up as I went along and then had to fudge the software drums a bit. Pandemonium ensues at the end, but by that time it won't matter.
This isn't your typical GBGC track, but it was a venture into new territory. At times, it's a bit too Bruce Hornsby-y or Bob Segery for me. It is what it is, and I hope the person I wrote it for likes it nevertheless.
I still love you, you little red guitar, you.
Oh, and why the blond wig? Who knows? I just felt like it. 

(And, as always, lyrics and music property of the grahamophone. Don't even try to steal it, or I know an elephant who will trample all over you.)

We just got started. Is it already done?
Our plans got interrupted, but I’ve still got some.

Out of sight, out of mind.
But you know I’m one of a kind.

baby, don’t lose, don’t lose this connection

I thought we’d leave it up to fate, wait and see.
And now I’m getting impatient, but it’s not up to me.
I need your help. I can’t do this all by myself.

baby, don’t lose, don’t lose this connection
because I’m the closest thing you’ll find to perfection
so don’t wait, or it’ll be too late

I’m like a elephant, I never forget.
I’ll trample over anything in the way of what I want to get.

So go away if you must(h),
but how could you forget about us?

baby, don’t lose, don’t lose this connection
because it’s the closest thing we’ll find to perfection
so don’t wait. 
Keep going.