Monday, June 17, 2013

Wednesday Morning 4 a.m. A GBGC Quickie Original

Every artist needs an ambiguous sad song. Here's mine:

Wednesday morning 4 a.m.

I could feel you strugglin’
You had me worried, I wasn’t sure
Would you be the poison or be the cure

Wednesday morning 4 a.m.

Thursday all day, wonderin’
And then by Friday afternoon,
I was almost convinced you could never come too soon.

Friday evening was the end.

Will you ever come again?
Did you think you’d be disappointed?
Did you think I wouldn’t see it through?

Maybe you know me better than I do.

Who am I supposed to tell my stories to?
The decision is out of my control,
now I’m bleeding from the depths of my soul.

Wednesday morning 4 a.m.
Maybe I was only dreaming
of stupidity and love and other demons,
of unexpected answers to fill the void,
the magic gift that others have enjoyed.
Curtains close and worlds collide;
it might’ve worked, we might’ve tried for you.