Monday, August 16, 2010

GBGC Top 40 Countdown: T-12, Loser Like You (GBGC Original)

I bet you're wondering how an opera singer like me came to have such an affinity for guitars and rock and roll. Well, I suppose it has to do with me being born in 1970 and not 1870. Anybody with their eyes and ears open at the time will have noticed a bit of rockin' going on, I should hope. I find it astounding that there are some classical musicians who have no idea what "popular" music is all about.

But that's besides the point. I first started playing guitar my freshman year of college with some stoner dude who lived in my dorm. He taught me my first two chords: G major and E minor. It was with these two chords that I co-wrote my first country hit "The Cowboy Yodelin' Song" with another fellow resident of the dormitory (hopefully a recording of this song can be recovered. Scott? Gary? Anybody out there?).

Months, then years went by and I picked up more chords. With four chords I was able to play a number of songs - that's usually all you need. I reached the height of my guitar playing prowess while I was helping out in a band here in Germany. I owe most of my guitar talents to Miss Behavin' - I had the privilege of accompanying Miss B on a full-sized guitar, reacquainting myself with country music, which my parents used to listen to all the time (so I of course had to hate it at first).

It was during that time that I wrote this song - with FIVE chords - which the band then took and put on their album "Miss Behavin': Unplugged and Naked." They fixed it up real nice, with guitar solos, back-up singers and everything. Makes a mama proud! So if you're into full-fledged bands with tuned instruments, you should go buy yourself a copy of that or any other of their albums (I even sing back-up on the first few!). But for now, here's the original. Enjoy!


  1. You tell him, Christy! This is awesome. A very good anthem for single gals everywhere.

  2. I thought usually women were mad at men for coming early, not late. Confused in NC.