Friday, August 20, 2010

GBGC Top 40 Countdown: T-8, Lies, lies, lies!

Just  a little multi-kulti humor: "Lies, lies, lies!" is the imperative "Read! read! read!" in German. I hope you all are also enjoying the introductory texts to the videos, and have maybe taken a gander at my other blog: "Christine's Voice." No music there, just words. That was a word from our sponsor, now back to our normally scheduled programming, the Bad Guitar Channel, already in progress....

I wish I had paid more attention in Form and Analysis. That was the name of a music theory class I took at Northern Arizona University. The only things I remember about that class were writing a paper on a concerto when it should’ve been about a sonata (or the other way around), the professor storming out of the room once because he was fed up with us students, and finding my first gray hair. Seriously. I was 20.
Reacquainting myself with the sonata form just now, I think I’ve stumbled upon one of the reasons I like this song so much. In fact, I effin’ love this song. After its introductory phrases, it has an exposition, then a development, then a recapitulation of those thematic elements and a teeny-tiny coda.... This song is a sonata!
I wonder if Glen Hansard, star and composer of the Oscar-winning film “Once” knew that he was using compositional techniques first found in the 17th century?


  1. I saw the title and thought of the Thompson Twins. Stuck in he 80's I am. It's got an Amiee Mann vibe to it, too.

  2. was a good movie, but left me feeling very empty the whole time