Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GBGC Top 40 Countdown: T-18, Waltzing Madonna (Lucky Star)

Truly there have been moments of genius as of late on the Bad Guitar Channel. Nevertheless, it's always good to get a Quickie in every now and again to remind us where it all begins.

 (this spot left intentionally blank to let your mind wander)

The GBGC Quickies are indeed comprised of "one" take, but it is seldom the first. Nor is this "Quickie" this first take, rather the second. And believe me, I was wanting to do a third, but I thought, 'What the hey,' my fans deserve to see a rough cut every now and then. So here it is. Here's what it has become. A Madonna song. In a waltz tempo. With an inadvertent and probably bad Irish accent.



  1. ???!! Ps Dick Van Dyke wants his accent back

  2. Top a tha marnin te ye Mary Popppinssss. I love it! xxx