Friday, May 14, 2010

GBGC #9: Shine, damn it! Shine!!

As if life itself weren't reason enough for melancholy, Spring 2010 has decided to be one of the grayest Springs on record - in my life at least. And that coming from someone who spent five years living in Seattle, the capital of gray skies and grunge. I don't how it will be in the future, when fans and contractual obligations will force me to crank out a bad guitar hit day in day out, regardless of the weather. For now I have enjoyed the luxury of allowing muse to tap me on the shoulder when the time is right. No need for brainstorming, even under cloudy skies. It was clear to me which song I would have to sing today.


  1. Cool. Ein Blog. :)
    Darf ich hier auf Deutsch kommentieren? :) ;)

  2. Please let this work. Please. The grey is getting to me too.