Friday, May 7, 2010

GBGC #5: Waiting in Vain (or maybe not?) for the telephone repairman

They say it takes about a week to form a habit, so at five days without Internet, I wasn't quite free of my addiction to crackbook or the world wide web at large. Still, my connection to this little guitar was growing, and I decided to let my newly formed fan-base in on a few secrets of the bad guitar channel trade. I had almost forgotten that I was waiting for the telephone repairman to arrive - for the one person who would give me back all that which I had been missing for four whole days. When he arrived (as is featured in this video), I felt my new alter ego, which had just gained the courage to rear its ugly head, start to slip slowly back into its hiding place. What would become of Grahamophone's Bad Guitar Channel? Well, wait and see....

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