Thursday, May 6, 2010

GBGC #4: Can't Live (without the Internet)

Old habits die hard. Even after transcending the effects of Internet withdrawal, on the fourth day I plummeted back into a deep depression, the likes of which are seen only on the grand operatic stage. The almighty powers of YouTube must have sensed this, because half of the related videos they suggested were links to mantra singing videos. 

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  1. Editor's Note!
    Not that I really said so, but I was going for "Madame Butterfly" in this video (since the title character kills herself at the end of Puccini's opera). But the tune I'm humming is in fact from "Turandot". I should know that, since I sang in the chorus of Turandot at the Seattle Opera in nineteen ninety *cough* with Jane Eaglen (w00t!). I blame my confusion on Malcolm McLaren. But since I will never sing Turandot or Butterfly, I can mix metaphors as much as he did - and as much as I want - poetic license!