Monday, July 26, 2010

GBGC Quickie: Time for Me to Fly. The Kunst of saying goodbye.

First off, let me just say that REO Speedwagon has not gotten enough credit for the service they have done to the letter R. That being said, this GBGC Quickie is actually a subtle tribute to a new friend of mine who spends the better part of the year on the road. He stopped by for a short visit the other day, sat down at my piano and started playing "Keep On Loving You." I would have recorded that particular song today, but it has the dreaded F major chord in it which my delicate hands find painful - and the bad baby guitar strings cut even deeper than a full-sized one. "Time for Me to Fly" is still a fitting anthem to the flighty nature of friendship, however, which is punctuated and symbolized in this video by the telephone. How many times do we greet and bid farewell to our friends on a daily/monthly/yearly basis?


  1. It's the same introduction to "Wild thing"! There's a request for you!