Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gonna make a (pop) star outta me yet!

I've been using GarageBand for years to make my little GBGC ditties. It's a program that enables you to record several tracks, put effects on the them, adjust volume ... basically anything. Just recently, my computer-savvy sister showed me some more features like the Apple Loops and Musical Keyboard (enabling you to play your computer keyboard like a piano). I fooled around with the pre-fab loops some before, but the notion that I could change pitch and, basically, compose with this program was undiscovered territory. 
We had also been talking about how simple some popular songs are, musically, and we wondered how easy it may be to pen the next Eurovision Song Contest winner, or create Adele's next hit. 
And who do I have to call to make this happen? Please advise ...
In the meantime, here's the digital abomination of one of my most heartfelt acoustic songs. I guess it doesn't completely bother me that people are preferring this version to the original (which was never really "mastered" by the way. Just sayin' ....)

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