Friday, January 21, 2011

GBGC #64: Verdi Cries (a shout out to fellow singers everywhere)

As much as I love the dulcet tones of the bad guitar and all of the songs I play on it, one genre has sorely been missing in my videos. Opera. Yes, that's right, I am a professional opera singer and no, I'm not ever going to sing an opera aria on the GBGC. But if you listen closely, you will hear a few well-supported tones in this rendition of one of my favorite 10,000 Maniac tunes.  This is a little tribute to my colleagues past and present who are singing their hearts out somewhere in the opera world, and to the man who contributed so much to it: Giuseppe Verdi.

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  1. Ohhh yeah, glad to see you're back in the GBGC saddle!! But dear god, is that damned guitar getting MORE out of tune, or is it simply that the mere IDEA of Verdi sensitises my ears something rotten? Aaaaaargh :-)

    Heartfelt thanks for the tribute from someone NOT singing Verdi tonight. Shame.

    K x

  2. way to go! you are professional, and on top an excellent opera singer.
    Beautiful, despite of the bad guitar ;)