Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GBGC #57: Farewell to Bad Baby Banjo - Missing You (John Waite)

How much time have I wasted being upset over losing something that didn't belong to me? Now ask yourself that same question. Then watch this video.
I enjoyed the pleasure of your company, Bad Baby Banjo. You allowed me to play chords unfathomable on the Bad Guitar. Your resonating drum gave new percussive depth to the GBGC sound. You gave fresh perspective to the timeless hits of the 80s. But, Bad Baby Banjo, the truth is you didn't belong to me.  The whole time we were together, four innocent children were deprived of playing countless refrains of "Yellow Submarine." It was time for you to fly (see GBGC Track #23) back to them. The truth is, I didn't love you. And I ain't missing you at all. Really.

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