Friday, June 4, 2010

GBGC #16: Roam. Another word for channel-surfing.

The thing I love about the GBGC is that I never have to plan anything and it all just happens. This is why I have yet to grant requests - you can't force genius. Okay, maybe I'm getting too cocky. It's not genius, it just comes together. 

When I picked "Roam" (or rather it picked me .... can't even remember what got me started on it), I looked to see what year the original song came out exactly. It was one of Billboard's Top 100 hits of 1990. It just so happens that a couple facebook friends of mine graduated in 1990, and they have their yearbook photos as profile pictures at the moment. Very funny, indeed. So, I set out to make this kind of a tribute to them.

Then I noticed I had the TV running in the background (a symptom of being sick these past few days - the television has been a trusted friend and nap-inducer). So, what the heck, I'll start channel surfing and filming some clips. I LOVE holiday programming... so much interesting stuff. I had used the banjo percussively more than anything, and the bongo-like sounds matched the wildlife clips; the late-night advertising coincided with the meaning of the song itself, and the Kiss concert... well... that was just serendipity at its finest.

If only life could be so easy. Hmmm... perhaps it is. Let it all come together. Right now. Over me.
I've got some ideas cooking up for my other 'serious' blog (see the link under 'About Me'). Check it out if you have some time! Thanks, and enjoy.....


  1. Jump baaack, what's that sound?

    That was a fun clip! I thought about shoes made of buffalo leather and KISS as a happy little back-up group.

    Go pig tails!!!

  2. There's the girl I remember. You've haven't changed at all, and I see you're talented as ever. Love the tribute.